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Working With the Best

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Dragstrip Right Lane Rail

  • Seen from the dragway grandstands in addition to the beer garden, staging lanes, water box, and grassy areas.

  • 2' x 8' (1:4) Color, UV Safe, Aluminum Backed

  • Starting at $600/yr + cost of sign (~$275)

Dragstrip Rear Grandstands

  • Seen from 190th street, tech road, return road, entrance, and pits.

  • 4' x 10' (1:2.5) Color, UV Safe, Aluminum Backed

  • Starting at $600/season (normally $800) + cost of sign (~$650)


Tower Catwalk

  • Seen from most of the active dragstrip property and the North side of the road course.

  • Located on the tower catwalk or directly on tower, just to the right of the catwalk.

  • Starting at $1,200/season + cost of sign

  • One spot left (subject to change)

Spectator Fence

  • Seen by most spectators entering the grandstands, beer garden area, handicap ramp, or tailgate area on West side of dragstrip.

  • 4' x 10' (1:2.5) Color, UV Safe, Aluminum Backed

  • Starting at $400/yr +

    • permanent sign ( lasts > ~5 years ~$650)

    • vinyl sign (lasts about 1-year ~$150)


Technical Requirements

You may create and hang your own sign or we can create one for you. It is preferred if you provide a vector file (ai, eps, svg) or a 300dpi raster file (pdf, tiff, png, (high quality) jpg) preferred in the order listed. Sizes and aspect ratios are listed in each availability section. We are happy to assist with a basic design or hook you up with the design team at our printer.

Reserve Your Spot!

The spots listed above, other standard - unlisted spots, and custom spots can be yours. Send us your information or message us on Facebook and we will be in touch!

(402) 306-5015

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Thanks for reaching out! We will be in touch!

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